Bruce Arena offers his thoughts ahead of the LA Galaxy's clash with FC Dallas

CARSON, Calif. – Ahead of Sunday’s clash with FC Dallas, LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena discussed the team’s mindset heading into their 19th match of the year.

Arena’s comments from Saturday’s training session are below…

(On his impression of FC Dallas…)

ARENA: “They’ve been one of the top teams in the league to date. Obviously, [they] had a great start to the season. Their win against us at home is important for them and they’ve had some good wins. They’ve slowed down as of late, but they’re going to be one of the teams that are certainly going to be battling for the five playoff spots and possibly the first place position in the league.”

(On how he expects FC Dallas to come out to start the game…)

ARENA: “No idea. If you know, write it down for me and help me out a little bit. We never know these things.”

(On Blas Perez…)

ARENA: “He’s been good. He’s been pretty solid for his two years in the league. He has a good presence in the penalty area.”

(On how the team will do on the short rest…)

ARENA: “In this case, it’s the same for both teams, so we’re certainly not at a disadvantage. I think that we’ll be fine.”

(On the U.S. win over Guatemala….)

ARENA: “I only watched the first half; I thought that it was a terrible game to be honest with you. I don’t know who Guatemala had playing with them. It was an awful game on the field.”

(On Donovan bypassing the 50 goal mark for the U.S. team…)

ARENA: “That’s great for him. That’s a great milestone. Congratulations to Landon.”