Bruce Arena's thoughts from the LA Galaxy's 1-0 victory over Real Salt Lake

CARSON, Calif. – LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena addressed the media following LA’s 1-0 victory over Real Salt Lake.

Check it out below…

(On struggles of Robbie Keane and the Galaxy offense in general…)

ARENA: “Our team played well tonight. We certainly had a chance to get a few more. As expected, the return game will be a difficult one.”

(On Sean Franklin’s goal…)

ARENA: “The goal was a great goal. No question about that. He had a great night. He’s last 15 minutes in the first half and second half were real good.”

(On Gyasi Zardes…)

ARENA: “I thought he played well. Beltran played well against him. It was a good match up. Gyasi was a handful and helped create a number of potential goal scoring opportunities for us, and had a very solid game.”

On the LA Galaxy’s defense not giving Real Salt Lake a lot of chances:

ARENA: “Not much, but a little at the end there. [Chris] Wingert cross to the back post, but for the most part they were pretty solid. They will have to be pretty good on Thursday as well.”

(On Real Salt Lake changing their formation…)

ARENA: They went will 11 players as we anticipated. Everyone makes too much of formations. It’s 11 against 11. They obviously came here to try to get a point or steal three. They fell a little short there. “

On the Galaxy’s finishing problems:

AREANA: “Shit happens. We had our chances. A couple of players were a little off tonight. I think Rimando did very well. He was very composed in goal and didn’t make things very easy. “

(On going into the second leg with a 1-0 lead…)

ARENA: “I’d rather be the team ahead. These are always difficult matches. All the games in the league are all competitive going into the second game. It’s going to be difficult. Obviously, having the one goal is a real plus, but it’s going to take a hectic of an effort in the next 90 minutes.”