Robbie Keane asks Ireland staff to consider ex-teammate Mike Magee for national team

LA Galaxy captain Robbie Keane has endorsed former teammate Mike Magee for a potential call-up to Ireland if he’s eligible.

In an interview posted by the tabloid the Ireland Herald, Keane stresses that new Irish head coach Martin O’Neill should consider the Chicago Fire striker who tallied 20 goals during his 2013 season. 

“His whole family is Irish. His grandfather or father. He's not an international. I'd say he would [accept the call-up]. He definitely would like to but he's probably waiting for that American call-up. How he hasn't got it I don't know,” Keane told the publication. “He was a left-winger for us, a very clever footballer. Technically he's very good. He didn't start playing until he was 16. He never played as a kid. If he [O'Neill] asked me about him, I certainly would but I'm sure [assistant manager Roy Keane] and people would be fully aware of all the players available to them."

Keane has pushed for Magee to receive a U.S. call-up in the past even stating that Magee’s family ancestry is Irish, but whether he’ll be able to represent Ireland remains to be seen. 

The Irish Independent also posted Keane's thoughts on Magee's eligibility for Ireland as well as his musings on Twitter, life in Los Angeles, and of course, turf.