A conversation with Robbie Rogers about the trade, injuries and the LA Galaxy

CHICAGO – A year and one week ago on May 25, 2012, the Chicago Fire and the LA Galaxy made a trade that rocked MLS to its core.

By trading fan favorite Mike Magee to his hometown Fire for the rights of Robbie Rogers, the Galaxy were able to bring Rogers back home where he looked to start over after coming out as gay months earlier. The trade made soccer sense as it gave Chicago a proven striker while the Galaxy were able to acquire the type of wide presence that Bruce Arena has long coveted.

However, a year later, the trade has not worked out for the Galaxy as Magee won MLS MVP as he nearly led the Fire to the playoffs while Rogers has suffered horrid luck with repeated injuries.

In an interview with Rogers, I ask the player about his injury, the trade and the chilly reception that he still receives from Galaxy fans.

Check it out below.

(On his injury recovery…)

ROGERS: “Yeah I feel good, I’m just waiting for chances to play. We played well the past few games and gained some good results, so I wish we could do the same in Chicago. Going to be a tough game…maybe they will let me play, or won’t let me play, but I will be ready for the open cup games.”

(On whether he needs to be playing more with Galaxy II…)

ROGERS: I’ve been playing outside back and he has said to me that I will probably play in the next few games, so I’m guessing I won’t be playing until next few games. We’ll go from there. I haven’t spoken too much, but I’ve been training well and the team has been playing well, so nothing to complain about.

(On Mike Magee…)

ROGERS: The only thing we are thinking about is getting a win. Like I said we’ve played well the past few games, we get to go on the road and hopefully get a result and championship team needs to win games in a row, so that’s the next step for us.”

(On whether the heckling will end…)

ROGERS: “Who knows if it will or it won’t. Whatever the area in your life, there is always going to be people that will support one way or the other…I know Mike is extremely happy in Chicago, I am extremely happy here and that’s it”

(On whether the heckling from the Galaxy fans will end…)

ROGERS: “You are going to have critics and people that support you. I am fine with it really. It’s just more motivating. Even if I do have a great season, I’m sure there will be people that would be negative towards you. So, I’m fine with it. If the team is winning, the team is winning. At the end of the season, we’ll see.”

(On whether criticisms fuel him…)

ROGERS: “Yeah definitely. That’s why I work hard during the off season. All of us, that’s why we do stuff—it’s to prove people wrong. Landon, I’m sure that’s one of the reasons he scored two goals this weekend. It’s a life of a professional. It’s a life of a human to prove it to people”