Former LA Galaxy defender Dan Gargan on what makes Sebastian Lletget "Da Boy" | INSIDER

There’s more to Sebastian Lletget than meets the eye, and what is there surprises teammates and Instagram followers alike.

Former LA Galaxy defender Dan Gargan admits that he expected something very different when he first set eyes on 22-year-old Sebastian Lletget, but over time, the veteran’s perception of the young midfielder evolved from skepticism to respect.  

In an article for, Gargan shares a little insight into what makes Lletget “Da Boy” on social media and Sebastian, the tireless worker in the weight room and on the field.

“Sometimes it is easy for all of us to judge a book by its cover, and social media is an easy cover to find,” Gargan wrote. “I’d ask that you take a look at the intangibles in how this kid plays, which aren't found on the first few pages. He plays with heart. He tracks back. He does the dirty work. Those are not God-given talents. Or maybe they are, just not the celebrated ones.”

Not only does Gargan admit that “Da Boy’s” social media game is “on fleek” but the 33-year-old former Galaxy right back believes that the sky is the limit for his career.

“He stays after scheduled training and perfects his craft. He is starting to see the value in an honest day's work," Gargan says. "He is the last player to leave the Galaxy facility, every day. The only other guy I could say that about was a certain former Galaxy No. 10.  That guy had a decent career.

“Being a professional athlete is an all-encompassing profession. Athletes are thrust into the public eye – errr phone – in today’s society. Judging by the amount of people who like his posts, Lletget is finding his niche. He’s taking what was given to him, a hairline that seems to grow without a single misplaced follicle, and building on it. He fits in LA. Both on and off the field.”

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