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Bruce Arena speaks after the LA Galaxy's 4-2 defeat to Seattle Sounders FC | INSIDER

CARSON, Calif. -- LA Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena addressed the media following the Galaxy's 4-2 loss to Seattle Sounders FC on Sunday.

Arena's comments are below:

His thoughts on the second half:
“That was just an odd game. I think we should be going in at halftime up a goal or two. We come out and play pretty well to start the second half and I guess we have a breakaway that we miss. And then give Jordan Morris credit, he creates a great goal and we’re down 2-1. And on the day I think we actually played alright, but some absolute bad mistakes that hurt us.”

On if this part of the season feels different from the same time last season:
“I think athletes’ and coaches’ jobs are to have short memories. Who even cares about last year, it has nothing to do with the result today.”

On if Sebastian Lletget should have earned a penalty early in the second half:
“I think the referee had a tough game today. I think it was a difficult game for them. It may have ended up the same result, who knows? But it was a tough game for them today.”

On if he’s in a state of disbelief after losing:
“It’s no disbelief. I saw it. That was the real McCoy out there. I saw every bit of it. I don’t think - as odd as it might sound - I don’t think we played badly today. We actually had terrific segments for long periods of time. I think we controlled, in some ways, the first half and had a real good start to the second half. Things fell apart with that second goal, for sure. It was an odd one. We created some good chances today. We could have had more goals, shouldn’t have conceded as many. What can you say? A little sloppy at both ends and it adds up to a lot.”

His thoughts on the team’s defending today:
“The defending on the corner kick we give away an own goal. I think we have to be a little bit sharper, more alert there. The second goal, you saw what that is. The third goal was poor defending by our back line. The fourth goal was whatever … I don’t know how you want to figure that one out. Be my guest.”

On if his team is thinking about their playoff position at this time:
“We’re thinking about winning the next game. It’s likely we’re going to be in the playoffs. Maybe not. Someone reminded me yesterday we were 99.9% chance of making it. I don’t believe that. It’s not100%. Playoffs are playoffs. Who knows where you end up? You see in both conferences things can change real quick. So who knows where we are?”

On Robbie Rogers’ performance:
“He played okay. He still has his moments on some plays. Generally I thought on the day he had a solid game. He hit the wall a little bit physically in the second half.”