Zlatan Ibrahimović will be available for LA Galaxy vs. LAFC: "The lion is hungry"

CARSON, Calif. – The Lion is hungry and ready to be on the prowl on Saturday. 

At his introductory press conference, Zlatan Ibrahimović proudly declared that he’s ready to hit the ground running for his new club. The Galaxy revealed earlier this week that Ibrahimović would be available for selection for Saturday’s match against LAFC, but Ibrahimović, in his own special way, said he’s ready to play.

“I feel young. I said once before I feel like Benjamin Button,” he said. “I was born old, now I will die young. Don’t worry about my age.

“When I came to England they all said I was old and I came in a wheelchair. After three months I conquered England and they said I was flying. This is only numbers.

“I know what I am able to do and I know what I will do. I come here to win. I feel excited. The lion is hungry.”

Following the press conference, Galaxy boss Sigi Schmid confirmed that Ibrahimović will be on the substitutes bench for Saturday’s game. No matter how long the Swedish striker plays Saturday, the forward is ready to play. 

“The coach wants to build me up so that I can settle in and get to know the way things are working. If the coach needs me for the whole game, then I’m there for the whole game. If he needs me for one minute, I’m there for one minute.

“I’m there only to help and push and do what I’m good at.”