Adrian Vera 8.9.18

LA Galaxy II Year in Review: Adrian Vera

In his fourth season with the club, LA Galaxy Academy product Adrian Vera made his presence known for LA Galaxy II. During his 26 appearances for the team, Vera created 21 scoring chances, recorded one goal and provided three assists. He was critical in keeping possession for LA Galaxy II in the midfield, making 700 passes with an 81 percent success rate.

How did you improve as a player this season?

“I improved as a player by trying out new positions this season. Last season, I played as a winger and this season they moved me to center-mid. I feel like I adapted really well. I got a few assists and a goal playing in that position. It involved more defending than last year, and a lot more running so I had to be really fit. I really like this position because I received the ball more and got more touches with the ball. I like playing forward, receiving the ball under and playing forward.”

What was your favorite memory of the season?

“I think one of the best moments as a team was our game against Sacramento. We played as team. It’s always hard to play in Sacramento, it’s probably the hardest environment to play. Every player went 110 percent on the field. We got a result and it was a great feeling. All of that was because of hard work and heart. It was a good moment for the team.”

What are some of your expectations for the 2019 season?

“For the team, we’ve been improving the past few years. We improved from last year and we want to keep moving forward. We want to make it to the playoffs next year and we have to work hard for that. Individually, like every other player, I hope to get a chance to get a homegrown contract. That’s the dream and I will keep working hard, my best to achieve my dream.”

What do you think the team should focus on improving in the offseason?

“During preseason we have to switch on right away and get to know how every player plays. If there are new positions, every player has to adapt to their position to perform. We have to play as a team. Everyone has to give 100 percent. There were a couple of times where we went out to play this year and not everyone was switched on, so if there’s one player that’s not on it affects the whole team.”