LA Galaxy Postgame Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy 2, FC Cincinnati 0

LA Galaxy 2, FC Cincinnati 0
Saturday, June 22, 2019 – 4:30 p.m. PT
2019 MLS Regular Season
Nippert Stadium – Cincinnati, Ohio




On his emotions after the match:

“I think we went to the field to try to get a score and to play in this field and we did good in the first 15-20 minutes, where we get two goals. Then, they start to manage the ball and managed the ball very well, but in the middle of the field, and that didn’t give much chance then. In the second half, we tried to figure it out that we needed to manage the ball and take control of the game. I think it was a little more divided to manage the ball in the entire game. We were in a very tight game and the place was noisy and we had to play there and won here. It’s important to win and get three points away and get ready for the next game against San Jose at San Jose.”


On frustration of having to manage a match like tonight’s:

“I feel a little frustration from that from not taking control of the game, but you know sometimes that happens, but when it happens it is very important … difference where we were like today. Because they managed the ball and never got their selection to score”


On Emmanuel Boateng’s goal:

“I am happy for Boateng [Emmanuel Boateng], [Favio] Alvarez and him. [Zlatan] Ibrahimović was looking for the goal, but he couldn’t score today. I am very happy for Emmanuel.”


On building off for the match against San Jose:

“I think we need to prepare like we did this week, again. Big game for us. Like it is for every game in California, big stadium and lots of people, so need to take every day and every moment to get better and try to win because every time the team goes out we try to win.”  




On the mentality the team came out with:

“I thought we came out strong with a good mentality. I mean we got those two goals back-to-back, which helped us. We wanted to dominate a bit more, work off those goals, but it didn’t happen. But, I thought defensively, they didn’t really have a lot of chances and I think we can look back at this game and it was definitely positive. Especially after the break and falling short to New England, we knew we needed to win.”


On the importance of the performance:

“Obviously not the way any team wants to go into the break. But short-term memory, and we had two weeks of work. Obviously, I picked up a minor injury, but it’s nice. I got back into training this week and I felt good out here so, individually, it’s a positive for me too.”


On whether he had any time restrictions:

“I really only got two training sessions in. It’s tough, but I know with the numbers and the guys out on international break, we needed bodies and it’s just what you have to do. We had good communication, but I’d do anything to win for this team, so I’m definitely happy with the win.”


On how the team tried to adjust to have more possession:

“I think it’s tough, because you start out the season with a certain team and now, you’re missing guys and we haven’t played too much -- this team -- together. So obviously, it’s part of our plan to be more possessive. Sometimes you just have to deal with what the game gives you and today, Cincinnati was more offensive and with those two goals, they had to open up and they made it difficult for us but, again, I didn’t think they had any clear chances.”



On the match:

A lot of good things to take from this game, a lot of positives. We speak about the process. We speak about building something. I think tonight was good, in terms of that. Disappointing, with the first two goals after 15 minutes, of course. But a lot of positives and a lot of confidence to get from that.”


On the response after conceding two goals:

“The mentality of the guys wanting to keep playing. They kept on trying. They kept on playing. They kept on moving, providing options. We created a couple of opportunities. We had the ball possession. We tried to get set up in their half and we showed definitely some character with the ball. So I was very happy with that.”


On what changed after going down 2-0:

“Maybe a bit of lack of confidence at this moment. We are in a tough period, we know it. We also are focusing on our self and focusing on the process, but we need to get some confidence and then, for sure, there are moments like that, that happened tonight. Unfortunately for us, we are two and nothing down after fifteen minutes , so we have to run after the score. So, it's all about the confidence and all about the little details and getting this right.”


On conceding goals early on and falling into holes:

“Every game is different. We definitely need to fix that. In the past game, we saw that the first half was something that we had some difficulties with. We addressed it. We keep working on it, and at the end of the day, I believe in this group and I believe we can fix this together.”


On the continuing support from the sell-out crowd of 32,250 fans at Nippert Stadium:

“That was amazing. That’s what we mentioned to the players in the locker room. The support of the fans is huge for us. It’s a tough period but everybody feels that they are behind us. They also see the improvement that we are speaking about. It's also a part of the process to see that the club is moving in the right direction. I feel that everybody is believing in the vision of the club, and that is very good. That is exactly what we need right now.”




On the two goals conceded:

“We’ve been doing that a little bit lately: shooting ourselves in the foot, New York City, even the Saint Louis game. We’re giving up too many chances early in games and we you go down 2-0 against a good team like LA, even though we were the better team for a majority of the night tonight, it’s not easy to break a team down like that. They’re on the road. They’re up 2-0. They’re going to sit on their two banks of four and we weren’t able to break them down. It is something that we surely have to figure out: give ourselves a chance to come in to the game where we are within one goal or tied 0-0. Give ourselves a chance to get a point.”


On the response from the team:

“I thought it was good tonight. We’ve certainly had games earlier in the year where we conceding early, and I am sure people can see that some of the life got sucked out of us. Recently, we have been responding better. Again, we can’t be putting ourselves behind early in games. We’ve got to try to score even there, but the response was there tonight. That’s all you can ask for.”




On his MLS debut

“I felt good. This is basically what I’ve been dreaming of since I was young, and to finally have that come through is a good feeling.”


On when he learned he would be starting:

“Yesterday in practice I had a pretty good idea when we were going over things I was in the lineup. So from yesterday, I was prepared for everything that could happen today, and then to just come out and do what I do.”


On starting in a match where Zlatan Ibrahimović was the opposing striker:

“It means a lot. Like, a little bit before the game, and now after the game when its sinking in, but during the game I’m just focused on trying to be the best I can be, and playing as if I was playing against anyone. Now looking back at it, it’s definitely a good feeling.”


On what Yoann Damet told him ahead of the match:

“He just told me to look for the runs in behind and when I get a chance to come and hold up the ball and just be free. He gave me a lot of freedom. He said just go out there and express yourself and have no pressure. I just took that and went out there and did what he said.”


On his performance:

“I’d have loved to get a goal. I had a few opportunities, but overall pleased with my performance and think I can only go up from here. Just want to continue to work hard and continue to try to prove myself.”