About the Galaxy Academy



The LA Galaxy Academy enables people to achieve their life goals through soccer. Our purpose is to become the USA's best soccer Academy, developing elite athletes & teams by providing an organization of the best people, facilities, resources, methods, and opportunities - performing at the highest levels in all aspects, for all stakeholders, both on & off the field.


The primary objective of the Galaxy Youth Academy is to identify and develop local players who can make an impact as professionals at the Los Angeles Galaxy and contribute to the winning traditions of Major League Soccer’s most storied franchise.

We strive to inspire in our Academy players discipline, character, respect and excellence both on and off the field. These qualities will assist players achieve their personal goals and produce players worthy of wearing the Galaxy uniform.

In addition to the personal growth of each of our Academy players, successful Academy teams will enhance the Los Angeles Galaxy brand in the local youth soccer community further contributing to the growth of the club.


  • The Galaxy Youth Academy is cost free; we supply our players with the best equipment (cleats, running shoes, jerseys, bags, pants, full kits, etc…) for free.
  • We offer top notch facilities for our players at the StubHub Center, they are give certain accessibilities that our professional team players are provided with (weight room, athletic training facilities, professional locker rooms, top tier fields, team lounges for film sessions, etc…)
  • Outstanding coaches, a good number of our Academy coaches and directors have played, been involved with, or still are currently helping with professional and D1 college soccer programs.
  • Ideally we would like our academy players to one day be our first team professionals. We have already had a few signings from our academy to our first team! This is a working concept many of the premier academies around the world emphasize. Thus, if a player ever wants to play on the Galaxy professional level, there’s nowhere better to start than the Galaxy Academy!


Southern California Developmental Soccer Leagues (SCDSL)
Objective: The philosophy of the SCDSL ensures that players of all abilities will be training and competing in an environment that allows them to reach their full potential.
Age Groups: U12, U13, U14/15

U.S. Soccer Development Academy:
Objective: The focus of the Academy is on player development and providing players with the best possible opportunity to develop to the highest level they are capable of achieving.
Standards: A minimum requirement of three training sessions and one rest day per week.
Teams: 77 of the top youth soccer clubs in the U.S.
Age Groups: U-16 & U-18 teams (minimum roster of 20 players); providing opportunities for more than 3,000 players.
Visit the Official U.S. Soccer Development Website