Celebrating Black History: The impact of LA Galaxy Legend Sean Franklin 


An MLS Rookie of the Year, two-time Supporter's Shield Winner and two-time MLS Cup Champion, Sean Franklin made his mark on this club. The LA Galaxy legend spoke on his hero, inspiring the next generation, and the changing landscape for black soccer players in America.


On his hero 

To this day Thierry Henry is my idol. Having someone like him just shows how far we've come in this sport.


Being able to play against him when he was at the New York Red Bulls was just a dream for me. Being able to battle him was fun and hard at the same time.

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On coaching youth soccer

To just hold that experience that I have and not give it to someone would be selfish. It makes my job easier to give them this knowledge, give them the tools and it's rewarding when you see what you tell them and they go on the field and they produce.


On the changing landscape for black soccer players 

I see not just more black players playing now, but also how successful they are. From Cobi Jones, who was my favorite LA Galaxy player when I started watching soccer, and now seeing a kid like Jalen just do well at such a young age—it's great to see.