Postgame Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy 2, Real Salt Lake 1

LA Galaxy 2, Real Salt Lake 1

Sunday, April 28, 2019 – 5:00 p.m. PT

2019 MLS Regular Season

Dignity Health Sports Park – Los Angeles, California


On the LA Galaxy’s second half performance:

“I think we played really good in the first half, and then everyone went in at the start of second half, we had to tell them, we have to get the ball, we have to get [the ball] for the possibility to score another one. Real Salt Lake wasn’t able to get the ball in the first half, and then we were talking about how we have to go out on the field and we have to try and score a second goal and finish the game, but you could see what we were talking about didn’t happen. They managed the ball, they managed the game, they got to tie the game, even when they scored I saw, you could see, that goal was coming. But I like that after the goal from Salt Lake we fought. [We didn’t] play really good, but we tried, and we got the second goal and we won a very hard game.”

On improving the team’s second half performance for future games:

“Things happened in Philadelphia, today, and I think in the game with FC Dallas too, but we are asking why, obviously. We are going to improve on this, because it’s very important to keep playing 90 minutes. Like the game against Minnesota for example, when we won 3-2 here. I hope the team will work very well during the 90 minutes, not just 45 minutes and that’s it.”

On David Bingham’s performance:

“I think he’s getting better and better every game. He’s pretty good. It’s really good for us. Even we can take some risk, because we know he’s in a good level, we could give the possibility for to the rival to get him out of his box. But David [Bingham] is at a big level now. Maybe, I don’t know about the national team goalkeeper, but he’s at this level and I think it’s pretty good.”

On Diedie Traore’s first MLS start:

“I think we needed to put Diedie [Traore] on the field to give rest to some players. Him, Rolf [Feltscher], Chris [Pontius], because we had a trip and game in Minnesota last Wednesday. I think he played really good. I think he played a really good game. He made good passes in the attack. He tried to block the winger from Real Salt Lake. You know he’s young, maybe he has to improve on some things. For example, on the [Salt Lake] goal he missed his place, but he had a really good game. We have give him a little time, because he’s from the academy, he’s young, and he has to think about everything that’s coming, and he now knows he has to be a professional now, and he has to respond on the field and keep the response on the field. So, I think he had a really good day.”

On Zlatan Ibrahimović’s effectiveness:

“I think [Zlatan] Ibrahimović is on the same level as [Lionel] Messi, and [Cristiano] Ronaldo. It’s not easy to get players like them; like him. He’s really good. If we can find him in the box, we know he will score for sure. So we need to make it work, in the right and in the left wings, and get good services to him, because when he has the ball in the box he knows how to make the best decisions. You know I played with [Diego] Maradona in Boca Juniors, and Argentinian’s Maradona is the best next to [Lionel] Messi. I think Ibrahimović is [at] the level of Messi and Ronaldo.”


On the game:

“It was a good time today. I think first half we were excellent, second I think we were a little tired. We couldn’t stand up to the pressure we did from the first and the same thing in the possession. We couldn’t hold the possession like we did in the first. I think the fatigue came in the picture and this is also the third game this week. We played a couple of games this week. At least we won and we and we got what we wanted.”

On dropping back into the midfield:

“In the first I was feeling too lonely in the front. I wanted to be involved in the game, so I dropped back and tried to create from there and come in the box from there. In the first half we were dominating the game totally. We should have done 2, 3-0 just to execute the game. Then in the second we let them come in the game, come back let’s say 1-1. They had some other chances, good chances. They hit the ball on the crossbar, but we got the last word. I was feeling lonely and I said let’s drop back and maybe they find me easier here because I’m pretty small in the field.”

On second half struggles:

“I think today it was the fatigue. Today we were a little bit tired in the second. We couldn’t keep up the same rhythm from the first, but every game is a different game so I think we did good."

On scoring eight goals this season:

“My job is to score, to create and help my teammates. For the moment, I’m scoring and there comes moments when you don’t score. Thanks to the balls and the service I get, I get to score. Today, I scored one and last game I didn’t score. They keep trying and I keep trying. I’m happy for Uriel, he gets to score also. I think the wingers also need some goals for their confidence because they are doing the rest of the job they are supposed to do and that’s running, provide, defend and attack. They just need some goals.”

On Nedum Onuoha:

“What happens on the field stays on the field. I like to feel alive. I like when it becomes duels and that because sometimes I, not that I fall asleep, but I don’t feel alive if they don’t activate me. They need to activate me because or else it becomes too easy. When I get angry, I feel good.”


On the team struggling in the second half:

"It is definitely a reoccurring thing and we definitely need to correct that aspect of our game. We need to come out in the second half guns blazing and kind of carry on where we were from the first half, we almost scored four goals in the first half. I think it also shows that we played three games in a short amount of time for the first time this season and we were a little tired, but the important thing is that we found a way to win."

On Zlatan Ibrahimović’s performance:

"He was in a great spot today and thankfully I was there to follow up for the assist. Anytime you put a ball in the box he's going to be close to it. He does it with ease and that is what he is good at."

On his performance:

"I was a little frustrated just for all of us. We know what we can do but we just couldn't get it going in the second half. I think their goal woke us up and in no way is that a good thing. You never want the opponent to score and then you suddenly wake up and then you want to play but I think that is what happened today, and we pulled off a win and three games in a week and it is not easy. We have to find credit in ourselves for that."

On Zlatan Ibrahimović dropping back into the midfield:

“He definitely helped out building up, finding himself in those spaces, the holes and kind of me or Joe [Corona] replacing him as number nine it was kind of like that, the fluidity. I thought we did a good job in the first half."       


On your goal:

“I am very happy on scoring my first goal. I’m adapting better to the team and getting the confidence from the coach and the players. The fans have also welcomed me very well, I am very happy to be here and helping the team. I feel better each game and I’m very happy to help out the team in whichever way I can.”

On scoring his first goal in first division:

“Yes, this is my first goal in first division. I’m very happy to help out the team.”

On adapting to the LA Galaxy compared to his time in Holland:

“I think it’s similar to Mexico here. There’s other Mexicans on the team and many in this city. So I can speak more Spanish, I also know some English because when I was in Holland I had to learn English. This has also helped me gain more confidence and feel more comfortable. I didn’t play much in Holland and I lost some confidence in my game.”

On emotions after scoring his first goal:

“I am very happy, it was an unforgettable feeling. I’ve always dreamed it, scoring my first goal and how I would score it. I had been close to scoring, but I hadn’t had the opportunity. I’m very happy, I can’t explain the feeling.”



Overall thoughts:

“We were looking forward to this game. We didn’t come out in the first half how we wanted to. We put that behind us when they had a goal. In the second half we had them on the ropes. What a response from everybody. Could’ve, should’ve gotten the result. We left ourselves exposed at times during the second goal because we were pushing forward. Donny had a great goal and we’ve encouraged our outside backs to get forward. Obviously, it’s easier when we’re down a goal. I want to see us going forward from the start and putting teams on the back foot like we did in Cincinnati and the second half was a different story. I’m proud of the guys tonight.”

On Nedum vs. Zlatan:

“Everyone is in over Zlatan. He’s an aura. He’s a staple in this league and the world. When you talk about forwards; charismatic, he has a personality. He’s always at the top of the list. Why should he be any different for the league in general? Or the referee’s eyes? Again, I have nothing more to say about that because I vowed that I wouldn’t say anything about the things like that this year.”

On home they could’ve won the game:

“When we do video – even after good performances – there are always things that I’m always knit-picking. If there’s one thing in the goal, we scored is we were controlling, and we left ourselves exposed. You kind of have to and someone like Zlatan will make you pay.”

On having the next 3-4 at home:

“Hopefully it’ll get us results and it’ll improve us. Time will tell. It’s all within 90 minutes and time will tell. It’s all within the 90 minutes and I have full confidence in this team, and it showed in Cincinnati, large chunks of the Orlando and Seattle games. We have a lot of talent and we’re coming together.”


On scoring a goal:

“We had to pressure on the Galaxy. We had to force them to make mistakes and just keep applying pressure in the attacking half. We knew we were going to have chance to score in the second half, so we just had to press them, and it worked. Unfortunately, we switched off for just a second and it cost us the goal.”

On the positives:

“We had the energy in the second half. If we would’ve came out in the first half it’d be great. At the same time, I thought for the most part we did well keeping them in front of us. A few times down my side at the beginning I got turned around a bit. There’s not much to say except we could’ve got a result tonight, but we didn’t.”


On the confrontation with Zlatan:

“He came into apologize. 60 minutes into the game he started telling me he was going to do me over and hurt me. This is a guy who is the face of the MLS as he calls himself. I don’t care what he says, I’m not going to accept his apology. It’s unacceptable.”

On the second half:

“I think it was a slow start but then for long parts of the second half we were on the front foot and they were making mistakes. We just failed to capitalize but it’s a positive that we are able to create these chances away from home.”