LA Galaxy Postgame Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy 1, New England Revolution 2

LA Galaxy 1, New England Revolution 2

Sunday, June 2, 2019 – 7:30 p.m. PT

2019 MLS Regular Season

Dignity Health Sports Park – Los Angeles, Calif.


On giving up the first goal:

“I think there’s a lot of frustration because we are coming from two wins against Orlando and Kansas. We hoped that today we would win but we couldn’t do it. I think we managed the ball in the first half until the 40th minute, and after that in the last five minutes they scored on us. And then we gave them 20 more minutes in the second half, and they we came back in the second half and tried to do something more but they scored the second goal. The difference was the two goals, but we tried. We tried in the last minutes and we got the goal from [Zlatan] Ibrahimović, we had some [opportunities] but it was probably more attitude than soccer, but you know, soccer is like that. In the last minute we hit the crossbar, but we couldn’t tie. I think the final result [reflects] what happened on the field. 

On the counterattack plays from New England:

“We knew that maybe they would use the counterattack – if you remember the game against Colorado was very similar. But we tried to be together between the lines, but in the beginning of the second half they scored they second goal and had one shot hit the post after their counterattacks. We gave them the space. But, we need to talk. We talked about that before the second half. But sometimes it happens, because the other team plays well. I think they played very well today.”

On the loss at home:

“We need to win here. We’ve lost the last three games here. When you win two games like we won in Orlando and in Kansas, we had a lot of confidence to win today, but we couldn’t. Sometimes we give the opportunity to other team, we need to be more organized, but we want to win, and sometimes we are looking for the goal and we give space to the other team. In the future I think we are going to be more [consistent] when we attack, and when we go to defend. We need to get better on the transitions. The transitions need to be better when we lose the ball, when we get the ball again, when we are attacking, and when we are defending; we need to be more [consistent].”

On Sebastian Lletget’s injury and how to regroup for upcoming games:

“We’ll be losing Sebastian [Lletget] for some time, because he’s going to the national team and we have to decide about his injury, but I haven’t talked with the doctor yet. About the next games, within 10 days, we will lose some players, but we need to organize, and we need to win when we play here against Orange County. I think we will arrive really good for this game and with confidence. So, we need to work during these days. We need some days off, and then we are going to practice and work to improve.”


On the game:
“It’s very disappointing and very irritating also. It was not a difficult game. I think everybody was underperforming. When you do that it’s difficult to get the outcome like we want. We had a couple of chances and we didn’t utilize the chances we had. They got chances and they got goals, not difficult goals to score but they scored. Every game is a new game and today is a completely different game. We were playing at home and I felt that we were dominating in the beginning, but we let them play and come into the game. They score a goal and it’s difficult because you have to chase all the time. We should have won, no excuses. We should have won today.”

On going forward:

“Maybe this is who we are to be realistic. We have ups and downs and reality will catch you sooner or later. We just have to do our best and fight for it.”

On preparing for the Open Cup:

“We don’t have training. We are free for a couple of days, maybe it’s better like that. I think we all have three or four days. Let’s go and recover, take rest and come back here with fresh mind to do better.”

On his goal:

 “This one is to forget as soon as possible, even if you score the goal of the year. This one is to forget.” 


[Translated from Spanish]

On tonight's game:
"It's complicated, we are losing against teams that are lower in the standings and I don't know what happens when we face these type of teams. I have always said that it's the little things that decide these type of games, giving up a ball, not running together and you give up the win. We feel bad for the fans, it's frustrating losing and having these streaks where you're winning then losing and then winning and then losing again and again. It complicates things because you can't find a balance but there are still a lot of games left and we now have some time to rest and think about our upcoming games. I hope we can recharge and come back stronger."

On his performance:
"It's true that in the last three games I haven't been 100 percent due to a little bit of everything the team is not 100 percent, the legs are tired, the travel but they are not excuses. At the end of the day we are professionals and we know that's how the game is. We have to continue to be positive there are still plenty of games left and like I said we just have to work on the small things."

On the team having difficulties winning against eastern conference teams:
"We've lost against teams that are lower in the standings but they are difficult teams to play against because they are always coming at you fighting for every ball but like I said we are not at 100 percent or else would be able to beat anybody and I think that is what is happening. If we were healthy we would all be able to run together, put away our chances and defend together. The teams is going to be ok these are the types of games that teach you what you need to work on in order to make it to the top. We have to learn from these mistakes and continue to be positive there are still a lot of games left and we have to continue working."

On New England's counter attack:
"Their counter attacks killed us. We were sloppy defensively. Every time they would get the ball and start a counter it almost ended in a goal. I gave up a ball that led to a counter attack but luckily they weren't able to finish it. Every time they had chance they were able to come at us too easy. I have to help fix this because the midfield is a very important part of the team. If the midfield is playing well the team will play better. There are eleven players out on the field and we have to stop those kinds of plays."             




On being back in LA:

“It was nice, you know I have nothing but great memories, win, lose or draw and this is never going to be an environment that I don’t feel comfortable in, I am proud to have been here. Some lady was nice enough to come up to me and apologize for her husband yelling at me. I think I was yelled at more when I was coaching here than I was tonight.”

On what he saw tonight:

“Well we have a very unique mix of players in the league, with the growth of the league and the additional funds bringing players. We played maybe 4 of 5 college players, and we were a little bit inexperienced, technically could have been a little bit better, but we think they can be good players. We have an athleticism to the team, we have a dynamic player in Gil, we got a goal of out Teal tonight, his first of the year. When your number nine has one goal, you want to get that a little better, so we had some chances I thought in the first half, and in the second half to get the third goal, there were some chances there and then of course Ibrahimović is going to find a way to get a goal so now you are scrambling and fighting for your life at the end. Having said that I am pretty proud of this group, they have had a tough run this year and they are beginning to become a team and that is a positive.”

On rebuilding the team:

“We will look to make the team better. It’s challenging mid-year to do that, but we have our eyes on some people and we will attempt to make the team a little bit stronger in the transfer window as well.”


On how this felt tonight:

“I think it was important for us going into the break with Open Cup next week and we have been on a good run, but the last two games we should’ve gotten more points from them. We came into a tough environment against a really good LA team, obviously they are a little tired with three games in ten days, but a very talented team and we got a good result. We wanted to do well and get on the front foot and come out with three points, and I the guys pulled it off, I am so proud of the guys and the effort they put in, which is what we talked about after the game, just taking a moment and realizing we can play with the best teams and we got something clicking, something going now.”

On the last 5-10 minutes:

“They are a great team, but to be honest I thought we should’ve put two or three more, we had chances in the game and we knew Zlatan was going to Zlatan and do his stuff and we just tried to contain him as much as possible. Obviously he got that goal, I think there was four or five minutes left, plus stoppage time, so we knew we just had to withstand it, they are going to put balls in the box to try and find him, so just get a body on him and make it tough. The guys who came in put in a shift, just so proud of the effort to get the three points.”

On how dangerous this group can be:

“We have seen it a couple times this year, and obviously tonight it was on display as well. We have players that can do really special stuff up top. When you have a guy like Carles on the ball who can create passes and go at guys to open up space for other guys you see what happens tonight. We should’ve scored more and that will come at time and getting used to the system that Bruce wants us to play and all that stuff but it is a bright start.


On how this win felt tonight:

“I think there have been a lot of things happening these past few weeks, a lot of ups and downs this season, maybe a little more downs than ups, so coming out here and getting a result like that after everyone put in all the work for 90+ minutes, it’s a special feeling. Under Coach Arena getting our first win as well, I think it’s huge for the organization, for the club, for the fans who have stuck by our side. It hasn’t been easy but we can build off this now.”

On what Bruce brought to the team this week:

“I have to start out with Coach Lapper, he has done an unbelievable job and he really instilled a lot of confidence in a lot of players and I have nothing but love and respect for him. With Coach Arena as well coming on board the past week, getting training in with him, he is trying to get us to break our mold and start playing a little bit more aggressive, moving the ball forward a lot more, being composed on the ball. It’s alright if we make mistakes, he wants us to keep going, he is all about team first and I think we showed that tonight.”

On what was clicking tonight:

“I think it was just us understanding each other, us wanting to help our teammates, wanting to make those runs, wanting to slip the balls in, not being selfish you know, and I think that helps. We need to continue to play like that, if it’s counter, if it’s sitting in our block, if it’s possessing the ball, we are going to need to do that for the rest of the season.”