LA Galaxy Postgame Quote Sheet: LA Galaxy 3, Vancouver Whitecaps FC 4


On the game:

“I think we played so, so. I don’t think we played how I want to play, but in the second half we had more attitude and we could tie the game and then it looked like we were winning the game, but in the last possibility they beat us, and in the last play. I think there is a lot of difference between the teams in this league and you can never get a little time for rest. You have to always play every game 100%, because if not, you can lose. We gave 45 minutes in the first half, and we couldn’t in second half to win the game. We got better in second half; I know I’m maybe disappointed with the result, because I always want to win.” 

On the first half performance:

“Sometimes it happens when you get in the playoffs, and you get a game, and it’s not about underestimating Vancouver, just maybe the head is a little down, we are relaxing because we have the playoffs, but we have to keep working because we need to finish in the best position we can. We have to go now to Houston this weekend and try to win, because it’s very important, these three points for us.”

On his decision not to start Joe Corona:

“I talked yesterday with [Joe] Corona. I saw him in the last minute with Montreal, and with Real Salt Lake very tired. Maybe it was a risk to put him on the pitch today as a starter, and Efrain [Alvarez] can give something to us, like good soccer; he has a good foot. So, that is the reason why he wasn’t in, I talked with him yesterday, and he agreed with me.”

[Translated from Spanish]

On the result today compared to their recent results:

“In recent days we have been really strong, against Montreal and Real Salt Lake. Today maybe it was because we allowed four goals; I think that we have to be stronger in that aspect. Also, we have to look for the equilibrium with the goals we score, and the goals that are scored against us, and it shouldn’t have to be that if they score four on us that we have to score five. We have to try and win games, and have a good defense. A lot of times with the results we have to be patient, we were able to hold off Real Salt Lake really well, until the last ball; the defense did that really well.” 

On perhaps risking the game by playing highly offensive towards the end of the game:

“Yes, we risked it. Perhaps in the last 20 minutes we attacked more than we usually do, because we wanted to win and we saw that the other team was defending us more than they were attacking, so we tried it. It looks like in the second half Vancouver changed their attitude a bit, and we tried to play on their side of the field, and we did, but we should have been a bit more attentive on the counter attack, and know how to cut off the play in precise moments.”

On things to change for their upcoming games:

“We are going to continue to work on our defensive play. I think as I have stated before, many times, we know that we are going to score goals, because we have really good player in the attack, but we have to give it security with our defense. We’ll work on that and in all aspects of the game. We have our rival to look forward to, which is Houston, and we’ll try to add up three points, because that’s the only way to finish off in third or second place if Seattle and Minnesota tie.” 


On how the game went:

“Very disappointing, this is not what we wanted. We wanted a good ending to the regular season, and it reminds me of the last game last season, but we were not in the playoffs, that is the only difference. It was not a good game from us, totally opposite, a bad game right from the start. We had so many mistakes, we didn’t even deserve to get points from this game.”

On how the LA Galaxy defense was tonight:

“Defense starts from the strikers, we all have a responsibility on the defending part, so if we don’t do good it is everybody who doesn’t do good, we have to do better as a team.”

On the defense from Vancouver:

“We were not effective, it was easy for them to just kick it away and when you are not effective it becomes easier for the opponent. We had some possibilities to put the last ball in the box, but sometimes it doesn’t come in, or it comes in but doesn’t come in good.”

On looking ahead towards Houston:

“We are in the playoffs, so we have another game for the regular season, win or lose, we win we come in a better position, just like we could have today, that is the only difference. And playoffs I think are totally different mindset, away or home, doesn’t matter, the mindset has to be different, there is no reaction until the playoffs, we change the mindset for the playoffs.”

On the lineup going into the Playoffs:

“I think every player has a responsibility, that is why we are a team, so if somebody is missing, someone will fill in and can do the job, so we have confidence in everybody and count on everybody.”

On whether playing at home matters in the Playoffs:

“I don’t know, because here there are no favorites, today people said we should win, we are in a good position, but we lose the game, that is MLS, there is no favorites, away or home anything can happen.”

Are you thinking of the Golden Boot vs. Houston:

“No, I don’t even know how it looks like, I am just trying to help my team win and today was not enough, maybe I should have got more goals to win the game.”


[Translated from Spanish]

On how frustrating this home loss was:

“Yes, like you said, it’s frustrating. We knew it was important to win this game to position ourselves in the second or third place in the West. I don’t know why this always happens to us against teams that, not to sound disrespectful, aren’t at our level. We were too relaxed. A team like that can’t come and score four goals on us, not to undermine them but we know we have a better team overall. Now we must learn from this. We are in the Playoffs and we know these mistakes can cost you everything in the Playoffs, so we have to learn from this, and we have a lot to play for in Houston.”

On how worrisome this loss is ahead of the Playoffs:

“Of course, it’s worrisome, given it’s the last part of the season. We should have corrected these mistakes a long time ago. We should be a lot more focused. In the end, the Playoffs will be single elimination and you can be out of them because of mistakes like today. We have some time to turn it around, train hard, correct these mistakes and learn from them, which is the most important.”

On how important it will be to close out the regular season on a good note ahead of the Playoffs:

“Like I said, I don’t know what happens to us against these types of teams. They can’t come and score four goals on us, not even in video games, honestly. We know we have a better team and it is small details that in the end, it is details that second or third division teams should be focusing on. I have never seen games that after we score three to tie, they come back and score a fourth, they could have scored five. It’s not normal, but we still have time to fix the mistakes. We have two or three weeks left before the Playoffs and we must be calm. We have to finish off the season strong, with confidence which is very important.”

On how important it is to be able to get that home-field advantage in the Playoffs:

“Yes of course, we would love to be in the second or third place but in the end, I don’t know if it will depend on us without the other team’s results but hopefully things will work out for us for us to host the first Playoff game. I think it’s important to be able to play at home because we can be stronger here. We know that playing on the road is complicated and more so during the Playoffs.”

On what the team did right today despite the loss:

“We never stopped fighting. Towards the end we tied the game and in the end a play in the last-minute cost us the loss. I always saw a team that was hungry for more, that tried to attack and own the game but in the we lost the game because of simple mistakes.”

On how the team is physically ahead of the Playoffs:

“Very good. I think the team is in good shape, it’s true that at the end of the season it’s difficult because you have played a lot of games throughout the year, but the team is strong. I think we showed we all didn’t stop running until the last minute, we kept trying. And I think that’s very important, I think the coaches and Javier Valdecantos did a great job with us during the season and I think that’s why we are good physically now.”

On being named LARS Player of the Year:

“It’s an honor to be named Player of the Year by our Supporters. I think that I have suffered a lot these past two years, specially last year. In the end, this award makes me love this team even more and makes me want to be at this club for many more years with this great family. Now I get to enjoy this award. We know we still have the Playoffs around the corner, and we must be Champions. Our fans deserve it. Thanks to them, the team has never stopped fighting. We have been working very hard to be in the Playoffs and I am very happy because in the end, we owe everything to our fans.”


On the team's current form:

"I always said that we wanted to build something and we knew that this first season with so many players coming and so many players leaving would be a difficult one but we continue building and hopefully we are going to finish in a good stretch and be positive how we approach the offseason and the preparation for 2020. Now it is difficult what the players are doing I told them after the game mentally to be knocked out, not having a playoff spot and mentally keep going being responsible with their roles fighting it is not easy and that is all credit to them." 

On tonight's game:

"They are a big team with a lot of history, a game that they had to win because they want to play as many home games as possible in the playoffs, with a lot of quality, a lot of dangerous players, players that are international that play internationally for Mexico, Sweden, Argentina so yes we are aware of that but we came here with a game plan very clear in our heads of what we wanted to do and with the right mentality because a game plan and being tactically aware of something and not having the right approach doesn't go together. You need to mix both and yeah it was great work from the guys."

On the team's game plan:

"I think what we spoke about during the week and what we tried to work on is number one is Jonathan [Dos Santos] has a very big impact in their game, in the build ups so we tried our best with different players to eliminate that and their build up. Then when the ball is wide to make sure that we have numbers to deal with crosses because [Zlatan] Ibrahimović doesn't need to jump. Ibra just needs to be there and it is already dangerous. Then the runs [Cristian] Pavon coming from the left inside had to be dealt with and I think overall everybody was very aware of their role and knowing what we had to do and what we had to exploit when we won the ball back." 


On tonight's game:

"The guys fought till the last second we scored the goal in the ninetieth minute it was a well-deserved goal. I think the boys really worked hard tonight, I want to congratulate Jasser [Khmiri] on his first ninety-minute appearance for the club I know how mentally tough it is to rehab for that long. I thought that he was really good tonight and that is something to build on for the future." 

On the team's performance:

"The resiliency of the group shows massive character and perseverance from everybody. Everybody in on the same page, playing or not playing everybody knows they have a role to play and I thought that everybody who played tonight was ready and was focused and really helped this team get all the point tonight."


On tonight's game:

"I think it was an exciting match for the people at home, but we came here to get result, we came here to play fearless and go for the win so I'm happy for the guys." 

On settling in with the team:

"Settling quite quickly. The guys have been amazing, the organization, the staff everyone has been fantastic with me. On field there is obviously that period where you have to get that connection with the guys get going. It was nice to get that first goal today and get the account started."

On Theo Blair's goal:

"I didn't know I was offside, but it was going in. I was actually watching highlights of some goals earlier today and I saw a few players letting it go in and I was like that is classy and plus Theo [Blair] deserved it as well so I wasn't going to intrude by anyways."