Originally from Dallas, Texas, Ashley is a recent graduate of USC’s Master of Science in Nutrition, Healthspan & Longevity program and previously received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science from UCLA. She has years of experience in foodservice management, along with project management, social media management, and ghostwriting nutrition articles for Registered Dietitians.

During her time at USC, she completed two rotations (Foodservice Management and Specialty in Sports Nutrition) for her dietetic internship with the LA Galaxy and Herbalife, supporting the teams’ fueling regimens, menu development, body composition data tracking, and nutrition education presentations for the LA Galaxy Academy.

 As a lifelong soccer player and proponent of a plant-forward and longevity-enhancing eating pattern, her main goals are to help the teams to thrive both on the field and in their daily lives through individualized nutrition for optimal performance and health.