Sports Science Department

Sports Science

Director of Sports Medicine /Head Athletic Trainer

  • Ivan Pierra, MS, ATC, CSCS

Assistant Athletic Trainer

  • Kurt Andrews, MS, ATC

Chief Medical Officer

  • Bert Mandelbaum, MD

Team Orthopedist

  • Michael Gerhardt, MD

Primary Care Physician

  • Byron Patterson, MD

Team Neuropsychologist

  • Dave Lechuga, PhD

Team Dentist

  • Ray Padilla, DDS 

Team Chiropractor

Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Dan Jones, CSCS

Sports Performance Dietitian

  • Kristen Andrews, MS, RDN

Team Ophthalmologist

  • Rom Kandavel, MD

Team Podiatrist

  • Howard Liebeskind, DPM

Active Release Specialist

  • Shunta Shimizu, DC