In 2001, Cozmo went on a Space Odyssey in search for the perfect Galaxy. He hopped in to his lunar space module and headed out to search for his new home. After two years of searching, on June 7th, 2003 while speeding through space he made an emergency left turn to avoid a cow jumping over the moon and was spiraling out of control. Cozmo made a miraculous landing in Carson, CA. As luck would have it he is a U. F. O = Universal Futbol Olympian and he felt right at home. Cozmo wanted to try out for the team but due to unforeseen circumstances (he is not human) he was not allowed to play in MLS, but was offered a Millennium contract as mascot of the LA GALAXY. It seems that Cozmo had “The Right Stuff” because the Galaxy went on to win four MLS Cups after he landed in L.A.