In honor of Pride Night, the Hero of the Match presented by Pirnia Law is Security Officer Jamie Hardgraves of the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Jamie Hardgraves (she/her/they/them) has been a Security Officer at the Los Angeles LGBT Center for 14 years, ensuring that the grounds and facilities are safe and secure for all staff, clients, and guests. Jamie prides herself in maintaining a positive attitude and creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed. Her everyday goal is to represent the Center and security team with love, light, and courage. During the pandemic, what made Jamie feel proud was being able to show up to work and still make a difference. She played a vital role in making sure everyone was safe and following protocols, conducting temperature checks, and providing encouragement for both clients and staff. It was very rewarding when youth clients and senior clients would personally thank Jamie for being there for them and express how much she was appreciated.