The Hero of the Match presented by Pirnia Law from the United States Army Veteran Sergeant Jimmy Weldon!

Sergeant Weldon was born in 1923 and joined the army in 1943 to serve in World War Two. He was immediately deployed overseas with the “1270th engineer combat battalion,” heading first to England then to France.

He spent time hastily constructing pontoon bridges and clearing minefields. Under the command of U.S. General George S. Patton, Sergeant Weldon's squad liberated the “Buchenwald Death Camp.” The horror of what he witnessed there was hard to fathom or forget. He will never forget leaving “Buchenwald Death Camp” and seeing the survivors reach out to their liberators to thank them for their sacrifice and service.

After leaving the army, Weldon became a voice actor and worked on the popular animated “Yogi Bear Show”, bringing to life a cartoon duck named “Yakky Doodle.”

The LA Galaxy thank him and his family for his service and dedication to our country and community.