LA Galaxy

Galaxy Academy Updates from the Dallas Cup

April 4 - Must Win Scenario

Most times you'd think that a 2-0-0 record with a goal differential of plus-10 is enough to sit back and relax a little for the third and final game of group play. In this case, that was only second best in the 32-team Boys Under-14 division and only the winner of each group advances to the quarterfinals. So, despite the team's incredible efforts, the U-14's faced a must-win situation on Wednesday against FC Dallas Premier (2-0-0, goal differential of plus-12)... and they did just that!

April 3 - Tornado Scare in Dallas

Today (Tuesday, April 3) both teams played their second matches in the Dallas Cup. And both teams won again— going a combined 4-0-0 over the past two days. It was a really weird day, though. There was no sun and it felt like it was 6 p.m. all day because of how dark it was. We had no idea severe weather was coming in, it was just the possibility of a little rain… or so we thought!

Ten minutes after our second game concluded, we heard this really loud siren and were notified that a tornado was in the vicinity. We got in the team vans quickly and started heading back toward the hotel, not knowing what was going to happen.

As we arrived at the hotel, hundreds of people were crowded in the lobby looking just as confused as we were. We all huddled around several televisions, watching live updates on where the tornado was headed. We were waiting to see if we needed to get to a basement or underground parking lot to seek shelter.

Luckily the tornado never came to close to our area. A huge storm and lightning strikes followed, we heard sirens for hours as we heard there many car accidents in the area from the crazy storm that just hit us. Thankfully everyone in our group was safe and sound and we will go back to work tomorrow looking to finish in first place in both age groups.

April 2 - To Tex-Mex, or not to Tex-Mex?

The boys on the team have a new found love for a local sandwich chain called Firehouse Subs. We have eaten there just about every day for lunch. Another new favorite is a burrito place called Freebirds, which the boys also like very much. It’s a great atmosphere at the hotel as Manchester United and Everton are also staying here.

Wish us luck tomorrow, hopefully we pull it off!

-- Gordon